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Regular meetings of Council are held on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. (except during July), unless otherwise specified by resolution of Council and except when Monday is a holiday. Meetings are telecast live, commencing at 7:00 p.m. by Rogers Television every week.

Council Agenda Documents for 01/24/11

1. General Committee Meeting Agenda
2. Circulation List

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IMPORTANT NOTE - The information presented below (including the Search feature) only searches the current year's collection of Council documents. If you wish to search for documents for all years from 2001 to the present, then visit our ARCHIVE SEARCH page by clicking HERE (please be patient, as it takes a few moments for the archived search page to come up...).

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The order of business for Council meetings is as follows:

  1. Calling of the Council to Order by the City Clerk
  2. Prayer for Guidance by the Mayor
  3. Student Mayor
  4. Direction to Committee
  5. Confirmation of the Minutes
  6. Presentations
  7. Deputations
  8. Tax Applications
  9. Communications
  10. Committee Reports
  11. Deferred Business
  12. Direct Motions
  13. Inquiries
  14. Announcements
  15. By-Laws
  16. Adjournment

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